So I've known Lee for a while now...mainly through teaching his lad, Connor.

He's got a WHS index of 9.7 so knows how to get it round a golf course.

Lee does tend to aim a little to the right, so we sorted that out.

We did a bit of impact know, getting his hands to be a little more ahead of the ball at impact rather than standing up, falling back and "scooping" it up causing inconsistent strikes and a lot of height without the distance forwards on his shots. So that was all good and Lee started hitting his 7 iron some proper distances.

Anyway, all was going swimmingly until we were just wrapping everything up.

I looked towards his bag as he was putting his gear away and what did I see??

His woods. Were at. THE BOTTOM!

I thought that a Golfer of his standard would surely know that it goes...

Woods at the top.  Longer irons below to the left. Mid irons to the right of the long irons.  Short irons and wedges at the bottom.  Quite frankly, whether he puts his putter at the top or the bottom is the least of our worries.  Now I know that some bags have a ridiculous amount of dividers but this was an old school 4 way divider. 

Don't ask me why it goes in this order, I've got no's just a rule.  

Hopefully he's now taken this on board and we can move forwards...I'll keep you posted on his progress.

Much love,


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